Clever Playing Cards

High and Low Poker

Play Two Hands at the Same Time!


Primary and secondary values both have solid fonts for minimal distinction, making them easily interchangeable for this exciting new poker game.


Click here for detailed rules for High and Low Poker.


High and Low Poker Cards


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More Games you can play with the High and Low Poker deck (click the name to get detailed rules):

- Pshaww - A challenging, bidding trick-trump game.

- Windy City Hold'Em - The Windy City blows away Texas Hold'Em!

- BAMM! - An incredibly fast-paced rummy game.

- Double Crazy - A matching game for ages 6 and up.

Think Ahead

An Exciting Card Game to Flip Over!


Solid and Hollow fonts easily distinguish primary values from secondary values, a key element in this one of a kind trick-trump game.


Click here for detailed rules for Think Ahead.


Think Ahead Cards


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Another Game you can play with the Think Ahead deck (click the name to get detailed rules):

- Clever Pickin' - A trick-trump game in which players build their hand through clever card pickin'.

Attention Math Geeks

Cards and card games lend themselves to a lot of mathematical analysis - odds and probabilities and chances and so forth. Read these short papers for some quick analyses:

- Dual Value Playing Card decks comparison for Poker hands, and

- Windy City Hold'Em if you want to get some strategy tips.


If you do some analysis and want to share it, please send it to us, and we may post it up!


If you'd like to share a game

If you've invented a game using Dual Value Playing Cards, send it to us and we may post the rules up - giving you credit, of course.


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