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After publishing Think Ahead and High And Low Poker, we discovered our passion for making games didn't include the commitment required for producing, advertising and distributing those games. We have since adopted a licensing format so other publishers may bring our creations to you. We're excited to announce the first game to be licensed is Stripes, brought to you by Breaking Games.
Please ask for it at your Friendly Local Game Store orbuy it online at BreakingGames.com.

Available NOW from Breaking Games!!

Stripes Card Game


byMaxine Ekl

5+ 2-6 15

Lining up has never been so much fun! The race is on to be the first to create a single colored line in this totally original, strategic card game.

Use 60 Stripe cards to create your tableau of stripes, then mix in 7 Action tiles to advance further or disrupt the stripes of others.

$15.00 USD

Think Ahead Card Game

Think Ahead

by Maxine Ekl and Randy Ekl

10+ 2-4 20

Think Ahead is part of ourDual Value Playing Cardsline. It's a trick taking game where you play the first half of every hand with one set of values, then turn your cards upside down to finish the hand. You must be sure to Think Ahead in the first half so you can have a strong finish!

Pitch Sheet Rules Video

$10.00 USD

Stripes Card Game

High And Low Poker

byRandy Ekl andMaxine Ekl

12+ 2-10 Variable

High And Low Poker is part of ourDual Value Playing Cardsline. Orient your cards to make a strong poker hand with top values and a low poker hand with the bottom values. Winners of the High and Low hands split the pot!

Pitch Sheet Rules Video

$10.00 USD