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These are a few of our games looking for publishers. There are always more in the works, but these are the ones that have been thoroughly play tested (have you seen ourProtospielpage?) which need professional artwork to bring them to life. Try as we might, we're not artists!

Please contact Randy orMaxine for more information.

Prime Location Game

Prime Location: The Seven Hills

byRandy Ekl

11 - 83 2-5 31 - 43

In Prime Location, you are a nobleman and entrepreneur in ancient Rome. You collect investments and build fantastic buildings on the Seven Hills. You get rewarded for constructing buildings, owning adjacent properties, and building on as many hills as possible. You can claim more expensive Prime Locations as you gain experience. You get rewards when you build on hills which you’ve invested in. Get the most points to Win!

But there are rules – only certain investments are available. Prime Locations cost specific, unusual amounts. Scoring is along an inconsistent score track. Can you determine and execute YOUR best strategy given the quirky values?

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Color Hex Dice Game


byRandy Ekl

8+ 2-8 30

Colorhex is an exciting new roll-and-write game, where you are marking different color combinations on your own sheet while simultaneously racing to capitalize on scoring opportunities on a shared board. Every player is involved on every roll, so there's no down time.

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Cats Save Leningrad Deck Builder Game

Cats Save Leningrad

byRandy Ekl

11+ 1-4 45

Leningrad is Overrun! With Rats! Send in the Cats - on Trains - to catch the Rats. [True story!] Cats Save Leningrad is a deck builder, resource management game. Tailor your personal deck through judicious upgrading, accumulating, and discarding cards. Play cards to get Cats onto the Trains, and to efficiently catch Rats. Acquire and use Gold and Cat Food optimally. Can your Cats catch 15 Rats the fastest?

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Cats or Dogs Card Game

Cats or Dogs

byMaxine Ekl

8+ 2-6 20-30

Cats or Dogs is a set collection game where what's in the set is more important than simply taking as many sets as possible. It features a unique mechanic providing multiple sets to choose from at the same time. Easy to learn, fun to play and featuring lots of strategy!

Get Your Ducks in a Row game

Get Your Ducks in a Row

byMaxine Ekl

8+ 2-6 15

Wrangle the ducks in the Duck Gallery into a line matching your secret goal in color, shape and sequence. Be the first player to do this three times and win!

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