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We first discovered Protospiel at the Milwaukee event in 2015. It's a wonderful weekend long collaboration between game designers - playing each other's games and giving feedback. You don't need to be a game designer to attend, just the desire to play games. Play testers are always needed! Sometimes, publishers attend. That's the trifecta -- getting feedback on your design from all perspectives! We were so inspired by this welcoming community, that we decided to bring a Protospiel event to Chicagoland. It's hard to believe that 2019 will be our 4th year!

Join us September 6 - 8, 2019 for Protospiel-Chicago!

This year's event will be at the Holiday Inn and Suites in Bolingbrook, IL.
For all the details and to buy a badge, go toTabletop Eventsor click on our new logo below.

Go to Protospiel Chicago website.

Check out our new logo!

We decided it was about time we got an official logo and came up with this combination of the Chicago flag, the Bean and of course, Meeples! And when I say we came up with it, I mean our daughter came up with it. Anyway, we're pretty proud of it and you can be sure you'll see it on buttons at Protospiel-Chicago!

More Schwag!

Anyone who has attended Protospiel-Chicago knows that we like to give out buttons. This year will be no different - our new logo will look amazing! However, in addition to buttons, the first 50 Designers to register will receive a Top Trumps deck, courtesty of Mary Couzin, founder of ChiTAG. Each year Mary makes a custom Top Trumps card deck featuring toy and game designers.

Top Trumps originated in the UK and remains quite popular in Europe. Each deck covers one subject and each card in the deck has stats on a member of that subject. Players choose a stat and engage in a game of War. (Here's the Wiki article on Top Trumps.) Maybe one day soon, a Protospieler will be featured in one of Mary's Top Trumps decks!

Protospiel-Chicago Photo Gallery

Enjoy a random sampling of pictures from each of our previous Protospiels - just click on any of the "buttons" below.

Protospiel 2016 button Protospiel 2017 button Protospiel 2018 button Protospiel 2019 button